Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Have Bad Breath

It is safe to say that everyone experiences at least one nasty embarrassment in their life time. For men, forgetting to zip up can be one of those episodes that you hope your friends would forget (even though you know they won’t) while for ladies, nothing can come close to a wad-drop malfunction. Well, that might not be too accurate. Imagine going on a date with this attractive guy who you always desperately prayed would ask you out finally does. The date thankfully goes well but when it comes to the jewel of the night – the good bye kiss, the happiness ends dramatically when he pushes you away without even saying good night and walks away holding his nose in disgust. That’s the classic bad breath shove!

From time to time you might experience the bad breathe phenomenon and it is therefore important to understand what might cause it to save yourself from any unnecessary embarrassments.

Here are top 10 reasons why you might have bad or unpleasant breath:

1. Oral Hygiene Neglect

Let’s face it, the number one reason people have bad breath is that they either forget to brush and floss their teeth or simply don’t bother to do so. Stinky breath is usually caused by bacteria acting on decaying food left between the teeth and gums. The longer the food remains in between the teeth, the more the person’s mouth will stink. Always remember to brush and occasionally floss.

2. Dry Mouth

Xerostamia, popular known as dry mouth, is one of the more common causes behind this condition. When saliva production in your mouth slows, it presents a breeding ground for bacteria that causes bad odor. It is commonly caused by breathing through the mouth, some medications, alcohol or even taking coffee. Brushing your teeth goes along way in fighting bad odor when you have a dry mouth.

3. Funky Smelling Food

Ok, the food you may have eaten may not have had that much of a funky smell to it when you did so but during its breakdown in the mouth they may produce gases with unpleasant smell. The result may leave you with a breathe few can tolerate. Common culprits includes onions, garlic and certain spicy foods. It is always a good idea to brush or use a mouth wash after an onion filled meal.

4. Tongue Piercings

Tongue PiercingSometimes the thing that you heavily invested in can be your undoing. Take the case of oral piercings. While they may look cool, oral piercings may act as a breeding ground for bacteria that act on the food trapped inside the piercings. What’s even more alarming is that reports indicate that there is a higher rate of candida albicans (yeast) infections in people with mouth piercings than those who don’t. If you have one, don’t worry too much as maintaining proper dental hygiene will help in fighting bad odor causing bacteria as well as other forms of bacteria.

5. Puff Puff

The next time you fancy a smoke, remember to brush your teeth after. While long term smoking may cause one to develop serious ailments such as cancer, it can also make one develop dry mouth. Smoking may also leave chemicals in your mouth which may cause bad breath.

6. Sinus Infection

A sinus infection is a condition whereby your nasal cavities become swollen or inflamed. This in the end causes an influx of mucus which trickles down the throat. Excess mucus can be a fertile breeding ground of bad odor causing bacteria. This is because the slow moving mucus traps foods which the bacteria acts on. When you experience this condition, makes sure to brush regularly and seek medical advice.

7. Gum Infection

Another infection that may be the cause is periodontal disease or gum disease. It is basically an infection caused by bacteria which attacks the gums. The more widespread the condition is the more prone you are to bad breath. The best thing to do is to visit a dentist who will advice you on how to treat it. Maintaining the condition involves using an antiseptic mouth wash after every brush.

8. Acid Reflux

In what might seem like a normal acid reflux, food particle may force its way back in to the mouth leaving a nasty smell. This is because when food reaches the stomach it starts to be digested by bacteria present in the stomach. This can be simply fixed by rinsing your mouth with water or mouth wash.

9. Good Old Dentures

Although dentures can significantly transform one’s dental appearance and overall outlook, they can unfortunately provide a serene environment for bacteria to act on stuck food particles resulting in bad breath. Practicing good oral hygiene is key to fighting this condition off when you have dentures.

10. Serious Ailments

When coupled with a dry mouth becomes persistent even after brushing and flossing, it may indicate a more serious health condition in the body. Such ailments include diabetes and kidney problems. Therefore it is important to visit a doctor when you are unable to tackle your problem. It might save your life!


While bad breath might be a nasty experience especially when you are a talkative person, it can easily be controlled. Simply ensure you brush and floss regularly. However, for more persistent cases please consult a medical practitioner.