What Causes Really Bad Breath?

One of the most unattractive traits in a human being is bad breath. It can cause a lot of low self-esteem issues. Losing friends is also another of its associate. Have you ever sat next to a person, admired them, but the minute they open their mouth to speak the admiration is gone? Or are you unable to have healthy face to face conversations with people due to your bad breath? It feels good to have a fresh breath and also be surrounded by such like people.

Bad Breath Hiding Away

One of the major questions many people want an answer to is what exactly causes this undesirable condition. Here are the main ones:

1. Poor Dental Hygiene

The rule is to brush your teeth after every meal. Rules are made to be broken as we always say. Who follows this rule to the letter? Anyway, some go to an extent of not brushing their teeth for days, even months. Tell me what will prevent a foul smell from such a mouth. Try at least to make it a daily routine.

2. Gum Diseases and Infections

Life is unfair at times. There are people no matter how many times they brush their teeth in a day, or the levels of hygiene they observe, a foul smelling mouth will always be part of their life. In most cases, these people have faced countless tooth cavities and mouth infections. If you are in that shoe, I am so sorry but life must go on. Flues and common colds can also cause odors in the mouth, at least while you are going through them

3. Insufficient Circulation of Oxygen

Everyone has a odorous breath in the morning, true or false? When we sleep, definitely our mouths are also closed thus there is a limited supply of oxygen and also a limited movement of saliva that helps maintain a good breath thus the end result each morning.

4. Certain Foods and Spices

Have you ever used spices like garlic and pepper then someone, maybe a friend or a relative, out of nowhere asks you what you ate. Honestly, they must have noted something unusual with your breath. Thank them because one of the hardest things to tell someone is something to do with their bodies’ in connection with stinking or however we may call it.

5. Psychological

Sometimes we put things in our heads that turn out to be true because we believe they are true. These things may or may not be true. For example, you strongly believe that you have a foul smell and you start feeling it indefinitely. We may call it the imaginary truth.

Jeez! There are things we wish that they never existed, or if they exist, they never happen to us. The good thing is, we have the power to choose or in another term to control. The above are some of the major causes that can be avoided, such as poor hygiene or at least be monitored like gum diseases and infections. You can start today and make a difference. Make sure to check out some of these home remedies and learn what you can do to stop bad breath in its place.