Dry Mouth and Bad Breath Prevention Tips

The most embarrassing situation you can find yourself in is when you ‘suddenly’ realize that your breath stinks and you’re in public! That’s why it’s very important that you quit hiding yourself from people and go face to face with your bad breath, dealing with it and putting it to rest permanently.

What is ‘Dry Mouth’?

Dry MouthAt the onset of the term it’s possible for you to have an idea as to what the term ‘Dry Mouth‘ means. Yet, it goes beyond you being thirsty and thereby feeling like your mouth is dry. The medical term given to dry mouth is ‘Xerostomia’.

Xerostomia can rapidly develop into a chronic disease, and could also be a signal that there may be other ‘hidden’ diseases, if neglected. Therefore, here is a list of symptoms and causes of Xerostomia or Dry Mouth syndrome.


  1. Feeling as though your saliva has become thicker or stickier than usual
  2. Feeling thirsty frequently
  3. Your tongue feeling unusual; tingly, sensitive, red, and or bad taste in your mouth
  4. Feeling as though your taste buds are off; having trouble tasting, munching and chewing
  5. Extreme dryness and hoarseness of throat

As a result of Xerostomia, bad breath (Halitosis) will be very evident.

It is not limited to either the young or the old, rich or poor, men or women. It can affect anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

It should also not be confused with ‘morning breath’. It is not your breath as you wake up.


One of most noted causes is as a result of taking an excessive or constant dose of prescription pills available over the counter (OTC) which in turn decreases saliva.

Gum disease, yeast infections of the mouth, badly self maintained dental hygiene are also listed as causes, and as mentioned above it could be an indicator to more serious health problems: diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and systematic lupus erythematosus are just some of them.


Dental hygiene – Ensuring that you brush and floss your teeth (thoroughly) more than one time a day. Plus if you wear dentures then make sure to clean them well every night, making sure that there is no or less bacterial growth

  1. Water – Ensuring that you drink ALOT of water everyday will help your mouth flush away all toxins and pieces of food left between your teeth after a meal.
  2. Gum – Chewing on gum or flavored sweets.
  3. Mouth rinse – Keep a mouth rinse always available in your bag or vehicle, and use it!
  4. Brush your tongue – Although obvious there are some who are unaware that you need to not only brush your teeth but your tongue too!
  5. Quit smoking – There is no shame or blame in keeping away from tobacco. It is not ‘cool’ when your breath stinks!
  6. Change your toothbrush – Make sure that you change your tooth brush once in three months.
  7. Consult your doctor – Foul breath could affect your life in more areas than just socializing. Therefore, it’s advisable that you seek medical advise, as if you are under medication your doctor may recommend a different dose.

Finally, while the experience is embarrassing, particularly during specific moments, you should never feel too embarrassed or discouraged.

There is always a remedy available or steps (as stated above) that you can take to eradicate foul odors from within your mouth and your life forever, bringing back your confidence.

So, don’t quit, seek help and keep fighting!