Natural Remedy For Bad Breath From The Stomach

Halitosis is the scientific name to the commonly known bad breath problem. If you suffer from this, you are not alone, people from all over the world have a similar or the same problem. The good news is that it can be controlled and cured with simple adjustments of the diet and hygiene regimen.

The main culprit is growth bacteria which gives out bad odors and in turn affect your breath. Here are some of the common causes to be aware of:

  • Studies have shown that 80% of the cases have oral sources. This include conditions like gum disease. Bacteria build up happens over time when you cannot reach certain spaces when cleaning your teeth and in layers around the tongue.
  • OnionsWhen you consume foods with high levels of sulfur, odors are bound to arise. This includes garlic, onions and spicy foods.
  • Chronic conditions like diabetes, respiratory infections and liver problems may also lead to breath problems. If you try home remedies and they do not seem to work, consult a doctor to find out if your condition is a symptom of a greater condition.
  • A dry tongue may also cause an obnoxious odor as bacteria thrive in an anaerobic environment. A dry tongue indicates poor oxygen circulation providing an ideal area for bacteria to thrive.

Remedies to Try For Stomach Related Halitosis

Green tea/black tea

Green tea has been used for years as an anti-oxidant and cleanser. Drinking the tea helps to settle digestive issues and at the same time flush out toxins which have been causing the odor from the stomach.

The foods you eat

It can be difficult to avoid certain foods but food with high levels of sulfur like garlic and onions should be taken occasionally. Sometimes dairy products like milk and cheese can worsen the growth bacteria and cause odorous breath. If you are lactose intolerant, the dairy foods can cause the same problem.

If you have consumed any of these foods, you are prone to have bad breath over the next couple of days but it should clear up. You can take the green tea to help with the issue but if it is prolonged, visit a doctor to find out the root cause.

Alkaline fruits

The acidic pH of the stomach can cause growth of bacteria and cause you discomfort. Neutralizing the acidic environment with fruits like pawpaw and avocado eliminates the bacteria.


Keep hydrated to cleanse the mouth and also aids digestion. Water acts as a carrier of toxic wastes and excretes them through the kidney system. You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the water and gaggle to cleanse the mouth as well.

These are just some of the many home remedies used to combat bad breath, mostly focusing on the ones that relate directly to the stomach. Proper dietary routine combined with the remedies will help to alleviate the problem successfully. There are many natural remedies to choose from but you should choose the most effective.