Wondering What is Good For Bad Breath?

Woman Covering Mouth and Bad BreathBad breath is embarrassing, both for the person exhaling it and the poor fellow who inhales it. Apparently, no one wants to talk about it – since it may lead to uncomfortable discussions thereafter. People would rather brave a long conversation with someone suffering from halitosis than complain.

If you have ever had a whiff of suspicion that you may have a foul dragon breath, you need not worry anymore – here are some of the many solutions for this condition:

Using a Morning Routine

One of the most effective ways of fighting this is to start right in the morning. You could create a morning routine which incorporates something that clears the mouth of the foul odor. Water works wonders – drink lots of water and ensure that you swish them around in your mouth a bit.

Brush Your Teeth (Duh!)

If you wish to rein in halitosis, develop a habit of brushing your teeth daily after meals. Wind up the procedure by rinsing them with lots of water. Flossing will also help in removing the tidbits of food stuck between the teeth. Nurturing these simple habits will not only ensure that you do not have food fermenting in your mouth – but also help keep your teeth stronger for longer. In the same vein, be sure to replace your toothbrush after three months of heavy-duty work.

Clean Out Your Tongue

Along with #2, don’t forget to scrape out your tongue regularly. To do this, use a spoon to scrape out the organic debris that remains stuck on to the tongue. This gunk usually is a breeding ground for a host of bacteria, which are to blame for halitosis. Simply use a gauze to hold the tip of the tongue as you scrape the tongue lengthwise.

Chew Some Cloves on a Daily Basis

Did you know that cloves, aniseeds and fennel seeds have amazing antiseptic qualities? They can kill the bacteria responsible for bad breath. In addition, you mouth will retain a mint taste long after you have eaten these amazing spices – hence helping you keep a fresh breath about your mouth.

Keep The Saliva Flowing

Another great contributor of halitosis is a condition known as xerostomia – having a dry mouth. To counter this uncomfortable condition, it is essential that you keep a constant flow of saliva in the mouth cavity. This can be achieved by chewing bubble gums (which may not be healthy for you because of all the sugar – talk about a catch-22). A better alternative for this is looking for some sugar-free lozenges and sweeteners like Xylitol. A moist mouth is perfect for preventing cavity formation in your teeth, as well.

Use Some Dietary Supplements

Eating foods which contain vitamins such as Vitamins C and E greatly helps in keeping the mouth fresh. The reason for this is that the food is effective in removing toxins and mucus from the body. Examples of such foods are citrus fruits and vegetables.

Bottom Line

Having bad breath is a nagging embarrassment that can be avoided using proper measures. If you wish to kick this situation straight out of your life, you might want to practice one or more of the remedies listed above. If the condition worsens, please do yourself a favor and consult a physician. All the best with your newfound freedom!