Is There A Link Between Bad Breath And Fasting

As you may know, bad breath can be caused by the foods you eat, but did you know fasting can cause it as well? Strange, isn’t it? How can not eating any food cause your breath to stink?

First of all, when you skip out on meals your mouth does not produce the same amount of saliva that it normally does. Saliva is a bacteria–fighting moisture in your mouth that fights off all the bacteria that your tongue and palate can produce, that leads to halitosis.

Fasting and Drinking WaterAnother huge factor is dry mouth, and since you are not eating any food it’s more likely that your mouth may be dryer than usual. A solution to this problem is drinking plenty of water in the evening.

Luckily, if you don’t want to experience the foul breath that comes along with fasting there are some solutions for you.

Making sure you have a clean tongue is important in solving half the problem. But not the typical way to clean your tongue, like with a brush, but instead with a tongue scraper. Just talk to your dentist about what kind of scraper is suitable for your tongue. Using this will remove all of the bacteria such as mucus, debris, and biofilm that builds up on your tongue. Doing this twice daily will help prevent a smelly mouth.

Obviously, brushing your teeth is a major factor that will help rule out certain causes. Since there will be more bacteria on your teeth and gums during your fast it’s important to brush more thoroughly than normal. So it is recommended to brush for at least four minutes twice a day when fighting the awful breath that comes along with fasting.

It is said that brushing your teeth with baking soda can reduce oral acid levels that can cause bacteria build up and result in bad odors. Just mix ¼ cup of baking soda, 2 tbsp of lemon rind, and 2 tsp of salt, put it on your toothbrush and brush all of that bacteria away.

Flossing is a key in removing the bacteria that will make its way in between your teeth. It’s important to use non scented floss so it will be easier to detect where the odor is coming from.

You would think that mouth wash would be the ultimate solution to solving your problem but it could actually make it worse. Your mouth produces good and bad bacteria and using mouth wash can break down the bacteria that fights the bad breath and could ultimately result in even worse breath. You can use mouth wash but it is recommended that you only do it once a day.

Since its not recommended to use mouthwash a lot, a good substitute is clove water. All you have to do is add four cloves in one cup of water and let it steep for about an hour. Gargle it in your mouth for about 60 seconds in the morning and at night and this will kill off the bad bacteria in your mouth. There are also other homemade mouthwashes that you can use.

Fasting can be a good thing but bad breath can make it even more stressful than it already is, so give these easy solutions a go the next time you think about starting a fast.