Chlorophyll Pills for Bad Breath

In case you are afflicted by halitosis, you will be happy to learn that one of the most common naturally occurring substances in the world, chlorophyll, can actually solve your bad breath problems! You might be surprised to learn that there are widely available chlorophyll pills used to solve this very condition. You would be wise to note that has been scientifically proven that chlorophyll neutralizes bad body odors, specifically in the mouth and is a natural deodorizer. This makes it one of the best OTC products you can buy for combating foul breath.

Spirulina Chlorophyll Pills

Brief History of Chlorophyll for Medicinal Use

Chlorophyll is a term that broadly encompasses green pigments, related in their chemical structure. It is a naturally occurring substance found in chloroplasts of plants and algae and is also present in cyanobacteria. It plays an integral role in photosynthesis as it absorbs light, specifically the blue portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

You may be interested to learn that the use of chlorophyll to counter unwanted body odors was initiated by Dr. Franklin Howard Wascott in 1957.

Chemical Basis of Chlorophyll Pills

Chlorophyll and its derivative chlorophyllin form the basis of commercial deodorants. Chlorophyllin is a water soluble and semi-synthetic derivative of chlorophyll. The high water solubility of chlorophyllin allows it to be easily absorbed in the body. There are two ways in which these pills work to combat halitosis:

  1. The active compound in these pills absorb the compounds that cause odors in the oral cavity and they are eventually excreted through bowel movements. In essence, the odor causing compounds are neutralized before they can release the unpleasant odors.
  2. The pills are alkaline in nature and this aids the alimentary tract by balancing the production of bacteria.
  3. Chlorophyll has detoxifying properties. Your toxic colon may be the source of your halitosis. The pills rid the blood of toxic elements, resulting in a clean colon, so to speak. A clean colon means great breath for you.

Why Chlorophyll is More Effective Than Mints and Mouthwash

Mints simply mask the smell in your mouth since the genesis of halitosis is internal. You should know that most mints are sugar based and are bad for your gums and teeth. Unhealthy gums and poor dental hygiene can further compound your problems.

Commercial mouth washes are usually alcohol based. Try to understand that they work on the premise that alcohol is a disinfectant and will annihilate the bacteria causing these odors. This will work for a short while and your breath will stay fresh for a short while. The long term effect is that it will reduce the saliva content and makes your mouth dry.

The oral bacteria starts to replicate in your mouth and your bad breath will return much to your consternation. You will then reach for your mouth wash solution and gurgle it in the hopes that it will help freshen your breath. Unfortunately, the cycle will begin again. It is only after repeated use that you will realize that it is a vicious cycle.

Other Health Benefits

  • Chlorophyll is good for your body and it can ward off cancer as it has anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Chlorophyll can actually rid your body of harmful radicals as it has anti-oxidant properties. It chelates heavy metals like mercury that may have otherwise harmful effects in your body.
  • You should be aware that it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • You should also take advantage of its essential elements like vitamins A, C, E and K, iron, magnesium, Calcium and folates.
  • It can also provide much needed protein that you need for repair of body tissue and cells, and it can also boost your innate immunity.

In case you are looking for a natural remedy for your halitosis, then chlorophyll pills are the best option for you. It is imperative that you take advantage of the additional health benefits and revel in the fact that they do not have any significant adverse effects associated with them.