Bad Breath Medicine – Do They Work?

Having bad breath can impact your everyday life by reducing your confidence and consequentially affecting how you socialize among many other things. However, because there are so many factors that can contribute to this ailment, it takes a process of trial and error to pinpoint the source of the issue, but once located, the solution is typically easy and painless.

Probiotic CapsulesThe first culprit might be an imbalanced digestive system. In your gut, you have both “good” bacteria which help to break down food, keep the tract healthy, and move waste along, and you have “bad” bacteria, called candida, which feast on sugars and release an odor which causes the foul breath if there is an overgrowth in the gut.

This can be treated by improving your diet and reducing the consumption of sugary foods and drinks, and opting for more probiotic foods such as yogurt as well as taking a daily probiotic supplement.

The best delivery form for the supplement to ensure results in replenishing the “good” bacteria is capsules, rather than the other offered powder.

Another culprit can be a high bacteria count in the mouth. Make sure you are brushing at least twice a day and removing plaque from all sides of your teeth, flossing at least once a day, and using a mouthwash, this way the plaque buildup is minimal and the bacteria population is kept low.

Dr. Marvin Cohen developed a mouthwash that many people have had success with: SmartMouth.

It guarantees 12 hours of fresh breath with every rinse, and so long as you’re using it morning and night after brushing, you can have fresh breath for an entire 24 hours. SmartMouth works by being a mix activated solution with patented zinc-ion technology; there are two bottles and you mix the solutions in equal parts when you’re ready to rinse. This is one of the great things about OTC bad breath products.

The last culprit is residue from food or drinks that you consume, for example onions, fish, garlic, and coffee.

If you’re out and about, you might not necessarily have time to brush your teeth or use a mouthwash, so you’ll want to have mints on hand. Gum is not recommended because it might not do any more than mask the odor, and it can be distasteful in certain situations to be smacking on gum. So the mints to be shown most effective are:

  • Altoids
  • Certs Powerful Mints
  • Wrigley’s Flash Strips
  • Listerine PocketPaks
  • Oral Care Strips

Now because sugar feeds the odor-causing bacteria in the mouth, when shopping for a mint, it’s preferable that the sugar content is low and even better if a substitute such as xylitol is used for a sugar-free product.

I have found the SmartMouth mouthwash to be the quickest solution to the problem as you notice results after the first rinse, but given the other culprits, there might be an underlying issue where the probiotics deserve a chance to work for you. In conclusion, if you improve your diet, take the probiotic supplement, practice good dental hygiene, include a mouthwash, and carry mints on hand, bad breath will be thing of the past and you can gain your confidence back and get back to being your charming, conversational self.