Bad Breath Cures That Really Work

You are sleeping next to this person you either like or circumstances have forced you to, and the only thing communicating is bad breath. Oh, my! This is so frustrating either from your end or their end. This is the time you wish the nose would not detect the smell or a miracle would happen and the smell is gone just like that.

If you are struggling with bad breath or simply you want to assist someone, sit back and relax because there is always a solution to everything. Below are just some of the remedies that can help you cure your condition naturally:

Woman Brushing Her Teeth1. Brush your teeth on a regular basis

Make it a habit of brushing your teeth after every meal. The food particles that remain in between the gaps of our teeth are acted on by bacteria found in our mouth. They decay and, as a result, emit a foul smell. Brushing your teeth eliminates such substances.

2. Visit the dentist regularly

Cavities form on our teeth. We may also become a victim of mouth infections and diseases. These cavities, infections, and diseases may cause odors if not detected and treated early. At least once in six months you should see the dentist for a dental checkup and also get the advice on the drugs to use in case of infections or whether to fill or remove the tooth in case of a cavity.

3. Mouthwash

Maybe you are this person no matter how hard you brush your teeth regularly and visit the dentist the foul smell does not disappear.Just as we use perfumes to smell nice and kill sweaty odor, mouthwash can also be used for the same purpose. They are made of different flavors to suit different individual needs. If you want to have the mint or strawberry odor, the choice is yours. Gargle it four times a day for about thirty seconds and make bad breath a history.

4. Take a lot of water

Sometimes this condition is caused by dryness in the mouth. Saliva keeps our mouths clean. Therefore, insufficient saliva supply causes dryness in the mouth. Water is life as we all know. Taking a lot of it ensures we are not dehydrated and there is the presence of enough saliva in our mouths. It seems hard but ensure you take six to eight glasses of water daily.

5. Avoid shutting your mouth for long periods

When we shut our mouths for long periods of time there is an insufficient supply of oxygen. This causes a foul odor the minute we open our mouths after a long time. To some talking is like a punishment but you don’t have to talk in order to open your mouth. You can simply breathe using your mouth at intervals.

Honestly, we wish the bad breath would disappear within a blink of an eye. Just follow the above advice and it will be no longer a concern.